In the footsteps of the “Grand Tour”

18  December  2017

The Grand Tour, the journey of the young European aristocrats to the discovery of the continent, was born a few centuries ago, giving rise to what today we call mass tourism. The Italian peninsula was one of the focal points of this experience.

At the dawn of the seventeenth century, Italy and its cities became the opportunity to get in touch with the ancient Rome and the Sicilian Hellenism well represented by some amazing historical sites such as Pompeii, Herculaneum and Capri, a target that, more than the others, conquered the soul of these privileged travelers.

Charming and romantic, surrounded by the sea that bathed the Faraglioni, capable to show landscapes unknown elsewhere, Capri Island was home to the wealthiest european people. Brilliant industrials as Friedrich Alfred Krupp – of which remains a fascinating path carved in the rock – as well as writers such as Compton Mackenzie, suffered the charm of a place that for many became the final destination of their wandering.

Perfect place to find inspiration and peace, Capri offered colors and smells of a unspoiled nature and the genuine hospitality of its fishermen, simple folks who lived in the traditional way and in close harmony with the environment that surrounded them.

Even today, the island of Capri offers the opportunity to live the Grand Tour’s experience thanks to some routes of great appeal, like those of Colonel Mac Kowen – going from his Red House of Anacapri up to the alleys of XVII century district Le Boffe – and the one that starts from Villa Lysis.

From the villa, Art Nouveau residence of the French poet Jacques Fersen, you will have the pleasure of discovering the natural path that leads to Lo Capo Bay and the direct track to Villa Jovis, the ancient residence of the Roman Emperor Tiberius.

Anyway, there are so many clues e traces left in Capri by the free spirits of the world, it’s up to you to find them…

Our team at Villa Marina can’t wait to give you the key to be the modern “Grand Tour” traveler !


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