Interview with our Chef Manuele Cattaruzza

04  August  2017

Born in the region of Veneto, brought up in Friuli Venezia Giulia, Manuele Cattaruzza has been, for three whole seasons, the soul of Ziqù, a restaurant in Capri overlooking the sea. His way of cooking has echoes of the past, but lives in the present, fulfilling the desires of the most refined palates in an exclusive and beautiful venue. Let’s discover a little bit more about our Executive Chef!

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Which type of cuisine inspires you to choose the dishes you offer in Ziqù?
A very traditional Italian cuisine, made mostly of fish and products from our territory. I am also inspired by ancient recipes from Capri that I modernize whilst trying to respect the expectation of the people who sit at the table of our restaurant nowadays, people that want to eat both well and healthily at the same time.

Can you reveal the very soul of Ziqù?
t is a restaurant in Capri overlooking the sea that aims at offering quality, more than quantity. The choice of having a reduced number of seats and of welcoming our customers with the Neapolitan fry – Mozzarella in Carrozza, Monachina-style eggs and Provolone del Monaco mousse – retains our philosophy. Furthermore, it is an evocative place where you can eat outside enjoying the spectacular view of the sea of Capri fully.

Is there a dish on your menu that you particularly love preparing?
would say the Grilled Amberjack Fish (Ricciola alla Griglia), a very tasty oily fish. Amberjack tartare and carpaccio, accompanied by mashed potato dressed with horseradish sauce and a mayonnaise sauce made of tomatoes blended and beaten with extra virgin olive oil. A very tasty, fresh Mediterranean dish.

How important is it to have good ingredients in the preparation of a dish?
Good ingredients are of the utmost priority in the preparation of a dish. In Capri we are lucky to have excellent fish and vegetables, the latter coming from our vegetable garden and our lands. Courgettes, tomatoes, parsley, thyme, lemon balm, rocket, basil, peppers and much more are cultivated naturally.

How is your relationship with Capri?
It is a very deep relationship. I have been in Capri for a few years now, my partner lives here and I developed my professional life here. Furthermore, I love the sea, I was born in Jesolo a few kilometers away from Venice.

Today TV is full of cooks, cooking talent shows and so on, what do you think about that?
I think it is a positive thing, thanks to these programmes people know more about food, its preparation and qualities. This allows people to discover the values of healthy nutrition, which has a remarkable effect on our health, and shows that the life of a cook requires a lot of effort, commitment and talent.

What is your main wish as a chef?
To see a customer satisfied. This profession runs through my veins, I grew up in the restaurant of my family, so I have always been aware of the sacrifices and the passion you need to work in this field. Therefore, besides the pleasure of cooking, a happy customer is always the best reward for my job.

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